Mission Statement

Gray Enterprises is a web design and creative consulting firm that focuses on transforming the vision and ideas of the client into an asset that will take business to the next level virtually. We facilitate the process for those who have a vision and would like to have that vision transformed into an online presence in order to be seen and to be competitive in the global marketplace. We specialize in serving both businesses and individuals. We also specialize in serving creatives (who often need an online portfolio in order to further their dreams) and non-profit organizations (who need an online presence to recruit volunteers, raise awareness or funds, etc.).

We believe in and do business by three main principles:

  • quality customer service
  • indepth analysis/design
  • client involvement throughout the process

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Sites in Maintenance Phase


Higher Octave Tools for Living Website This website was a result of a client needing a solution that included a content management system that was easy to learn and use as well as a design that was colorful and went along with the spiritual theme of her products and services.

Spiritful Voices Website This website was a result of a client's need to have his website redeveloped due to a previous server host discontinuing support for the FrontPage extensions. He also needed to be able to easily update sections of the pages that showed up on all pages without having to change every single page. I built the website using php includes for this reason.

Archive of Old Sites

The client of this website was wanting a basic static website for their clients and visitors to easily be able to find them online. This website was initially designed and built with html, css, and images only. There was no CMS system behind it at first, but I later migrated it to CMSMS (CMS Made Simple) Content Management System for ease of upgrade/maintenance.

Digital Divide Website This website was a project for my introduction to web development class that I took at OCCC. This website is no longer up.